How do I get rid of my baby's acne?

Reasons for Baby Acne
Many misconceptions arise about baby acne - many of which are not true. Like adult acne, baby acne is caused by hormones, but unlike adult acne, baby acne is not a bacteria infection. Baby acne can appear anytime in a child's life from birth to a few weeks old or more. Normally this condition clears up on its own around the time a child is six months old.

When a child is born many different hormones are changing in his or her body. Now that the child is not protected by his or her mother's body, his or her body must now protect itself. Within the first few weeks of life these changes happen quickly. In these changes more hormones are produced. These hormonal changes that cause baby acne may and may not be aggravated by nursing and the changes within the mother's body.

Because this kind of acne is temporary and clears up on its own, baby acne and adult acne are generally not related because they stem from different issues.

How to Treat Baby Acne
Many parents believe that they are the cause of their child's acne, which is normally not true. Even though baby acne normally goes away within several months and it is completely normal, there are ways of treating it faster. These ways include how to keep the existing condition from worsening.

Baby acne is sometimes aggravated by spit up and drooling, which can irritate the child's sensitive skin. Keeping a child's mouth dry and clean can help reduce breakouts.

Holding a child against clothing may also irritate the problem of baby acne. Wearing soft fabrics and washing them in natural detergents may help lessen this issue.

Children that are overheated can develop heat rashes, so keeping them at moderate temperatures can decrease flare-ups.

Keep your baby's face dry
Along with keeping a child's face dry, it is also important to keep it clean. It is also recommend that his or her face be cleaned with mild soap and water once a day. When doing this is it is important to remember that scrubbing a child's face may cause further irritation because his or her skin is more sensitive than an adult's.

Different detergents can cause skin irritations, so washing a child's clothing in chemical-free, and often bleach-free, detergents made for infant skin can lessen rashes and breakouts.

Because child skin is so sensitive many lotions and creams can be an irritant culprit. The creams used for adult acne are usually too harsh for child skin. However some parents have found that very mild and natural baby washes and lotions can sooth baby acne.

At times a vinegar solution may help the problem, but consulting a pediatrician first is highly encouraged. Testing a patch of the child's skin should be done first, in case a reaction develops.

But what about family photos? Covering up baby acne should only be done with all natural concealer for sensitive skin and only for those special occasions since child skin is not used to make up and the acne may worsen.

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